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Welcome to the Jungle!

Your access to Jurassic Jungle content,
all in one place.

From vet visits to coloring pages, welcome to Jurassic Jungle's Cretaceous Connection! 

Come along and LEARN with us!

Web Show

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Dino Treats | EP 1 SE 1

Come along with Alana to meet our Raptor Erika, as she shows you how she's trained. Then, we will meet up with Miranda to find out what has Miss Scarlet our Stygimoloch at the vet's office!


You're A Mess | EP 2 SE 1

Come along with Kit to meet our Triceratops Tina, as she and Alana work together to help her in physical therapy. Then, we will meet up with Miranda as she and Kit try their best to give Miss Peggy the Stegosaurus a bath after her fun day in the mud.


Case of the Missing Badge |

EP 3 SE 1

Tune in with us this week as Alana misplaced her badge key and has to search the whole conservation for it. Meanwhile, Miranda checks back in on Scarlet to get her blood test results from Dr. Mark and discuss how to keep her happy and healthy. And does Alana find her missing key card? Find out who took it today on Jurassic Jungle!

Web Show
Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Artwork By @LeesieLikes_Art

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