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We are Jurassic Jungle


Welcome to Jurassic Jungle the proud presenter of the largest touring Dinosaur Show in the United States! Our unique performance, featuring over a dozen free-roaming dinosaurs, will leave you in awe as our passionate conservationists and professional puppeteers bring these prehistoric creatures to life. At Jurassic Jungle, we're dedicated to inspiring curiosity and a love for natural history through immersive experiences with our incredibly realistic dinosaurs. You'll have to see them to believe it! Join us for an unforgettable adventure at The Great Dino Rescue


Jurassic Jungle is more than just a business - we're a family! As a team of passionate dinosaur enthusiasts from Northeast Ohio and Middle Georgia, our small, family-owned company is dedicated to bringing the wonder of Jurassic Jungle's touring dinosaur show to people across the United States. We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our guests, taking great pride in our efficient communication and seamless teamwork to ensure a flawless performance. Driven by the expressions of wonder and amazement that our free-roaming dinosaurs evoke in children of all ages, we're constantly striving to grow and improve. Join the Jurassic Jungle family and experience the magic of our extraordinary dinosaur show for yourself!

Meet  Our  Prehistoric  Professionals

Meet  Our  Dinosaurs

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